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    I think you are right. The non-profit status of Freesound and ability to attribute the file as non-comm gave me pause to think it might be suitable.

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    Although it would probably go unnoticed, in reality, this is not legal. The respective licenses would have expired If it was all music from the 1900s, but it's modern pop music.

    My advice would be to go for the "fragments" and edit together into a coherent piece (if possible).

    Unfortunately music is copyrighted regardless of foreground content.

    " CC alerts prospective licensors they need to have all necessary rights before applying a CC license to a work. If that is not the case and someone has marked your work with a CC license without your authorization, you should contact that person and tell them to remove the license from your work. You may also wish to contact a lawyer. Creative Commons is not a law firm and cannot represent you or give you legal advice, but there are lawyers who have identified themselves as interested in representing people in CC-related matters. "

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    Interesting link,thanks zimbot!

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    Once moderated, you can find my new ones here:

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    zeggy wrote:
    The sound is like a metal sheet wobbling/shaking and want to know its name and where to find it.

    There's a clue in the title ...

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    Hey all, I've been working on some pieces that require something along the lines of orthodox church chanting, or znamenny chant. Does anyone have or know where to find this kind of stuff?

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    I was thinking that I don't particularly care for treating images as sonograms and doing inverse FFT to create sound from them. Oh sure, it's fun for a few times, but the sounds have no integrity and seem totally unnatural because, well, they are. Surely I could think of a better way to map image data to sound that uses more familiar constructs as an intermediate mapping. Perhaps we could first convert a bitmap to an SVG composition, as there are already some automated tools that do that, and even try "simplifying" that composition repeatedly -- ideally the sound it gets mapped to could sound reasonably similar from one iteration to the next. The idea is that the various SVG structures could be individually mapped to sound constructs, either in parallel or in series, with graphical properties of the various objects becoming descriptors for the waveforms or harmonic spectra, FM and AM intervals and amounts, durations and envelopes, etc. But I didn't know enough about the SVG structure and language (yes, it's XML, but that's the format, not the semantics). I started to go down this road and begin inventing mappings for various SVG concepts to either sound structures or sound-generating sub-circuitry (DSP blocks, if you prefer, perhaps like an analog-box circuit), but the truth is that I really can't afford to engage in such a heavy investment of time to such a thing. I'll just mention the idea here in case someone else is inspired to do it, and then you can share the result with me. smile It could even make a patentable and sellable product!

    But let me also point you to a recent article in the proceedings of the first international workshop on artificial intelligence and cognition (AIC 2013), which you can copy for private and academic purposes only. The contents are here and the article of potential interest is Towards a Cognitive Architecture for Music Perception by Antonio Chella. What this has to do with experimental sound creations techniques, I'm not sure, but somehow it seemed to fit. So there.

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    Seems like we have established you have the most sensitive hearing of us all.

    I do hear the high frequency sound you mention. Also in my sample that you posted above.
    But for me it is low intensity and not annoying at all. It is actually one of the least offending aspects of the sample - The starting sound on that original sample is just horrible for me. Lasts until about 6s,, then an additional low frequency aspect comes in and makes the sound even worse (if that was possible!). This lasts until about 11s and then fades leaving only a 'clicking' (I find this very annoying).
    From 13s onwards (the area where you hear the high freq sound I hear only a high freq hiss and chirping. Low vol. Not annoying at all. Like the hiss you hear on the soundtrack of an old movie or an old record. From about 16s the clicking starts again (there is a lot of very low freq contents in this sample as well). I find the clicking very unpleasant on headphones.
    From about 19s, the low frequency 'rumble' starts to appear again. I hear the high pitch chirping mixed in with that, but again, I do not find it annoying at all.
    From 19-20s onwards is actually the most bearable part of this sample, if you ask me.

    On your filtered sample, I have put the headphone volume on max just now.
    Just a mild, low fol chirping. Like crickets and cicadas on a summer night. No problem for me at all to listen to this. Your filtered sample is 100 times nicer to my ears than the sample you started with.

    By the way, do you find the sound of crickets/cicadas very annoying? (I mean the actual insects 'playing' live, not recordings of them.)

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    Lets get it on track again.... smile

    To find out what was going on AlienXXX suggested to run the samples thrue an EQ to see what was going on.
    The sound to me was more or less the same on all the samples that had this high pitch sound, so I used the following sample:

    I found out that there was a very high peak at 14,8kHz around 14sec. and again at 20sec.
    After that I maxed out my EQ at 14,8kHz. setting everything to maximize the peak that is so very very very annoying!!!
    And noticed that when I zoned in on that frequency the sound became less annoing!
    I made this sample in the process:

    Curious about what you all think/hear.. smile

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    I think I just de-railed my own thread weird
    ... should have posted this on one of the initial Dare 26 threads.
    Ah well...

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    A very heavy, scary piece.
    Could be the soundtrack to a horror movie.

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    funny enough, we have on today's sound-of-the-day one example of what I meant about short databending sounds programmed into a little sequence:
    I am not sure if these sounds came from databending. But they are the kind of sounds that could have been produced that way.

    While you are at it. Press the "similar sounds" button. (you can find it on the right of the page. Look for the download button... further down... past the file technical details... THERE - Press it!)
    So... the Freesound algorythm things this sound is similar to several circuit-bent speak-n-spell sounds. Interesting, since circuit-bending these devices is, in a way, corrupting the data that is the sound being played from the memory chip... When circuit bending this kind of device you often end up playing parts of the ROM that do not contain "sound"... So you can be playing DATA.
    One of these circuit bent sounds took me to this pack. If you have a few minutes listen. Amazing what can be done with a circuit-bent toy and some effects...

    Finally, here is a musical use of databent samples (thanks and credits to Trebblofang/MetaDronos)
    Probably not something you would dance to, but a very listenable piece that could be the soundtrack to some heavy movie scenes. A bit creepy, heh!?

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    Freesounders - thank you for the responses so far. It's already making a great difference to my test stream and I'll certainly be using (and creditting) the voices who have contributed so far.

    The more the merrier, I'm not looking for a "Corporate House-style" so the more voices I can use the better.

    Other scripts could include:

    "Here's something from the A list" (B List) (C List)
    "Every Tuesday evening at 7pm UK, it's Folk hour in The Crowzone"
    "Join Steve How on Thursday at 8pm UK for "How Bizarre""
    "Would you like the Crowzone to broadcast from your event? Contact us at"

    Looking forward to hearing from you....

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    I seem to be having this problem also.

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    Well I wouldn't really consider it being rude(Well yes and no) but thanks either way, I will post a link in the "Your work, made with Freesound(s)" Forum when we get it done.

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    Hello Everyone, I'm new to the forum here, but I came because I have a question.

    I've been looking all over for a sound effect sometimes used in cartoons. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to come up across it. The sound is like a metal sheet wobbling/shaking and want to know its name and where to find it.

    I found a video of Rocko's Modern Life with the sound starting at 3:01 when Filbert is losing balance on top of the egg.

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    The point was you came across as a bit of a jerk. Begging for help, but not in the "mood" to pay.

    Here's what you could have said:
    "Thanks for the link, but unfortunately I can't pay."

    A little politeness goes a long way. Good luck with your brick film.

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    copyc4t wrote:
    You can trust your ears and gears smile
    RTA's like Voxengo SPAN clearly show a peak around 14.7-14.9 KHz that actually increases in the second part of the mentioned sound, making it clip from second ~17 to ~17.5

    Yep I can definitely hear it, though I have to crank my volume up a bit during the second part to notice it. My frequency response ain't what it used to be. The 15750 sweep frequency on CRT TV's used to get annoying some times well into my 30s, now I barely notice it.

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    BTW if you download from MediaFire be careful what you click on ,
    e.g. these sneaky "pop-under" scams can appear ...