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    thanks for all of your help . i managed to switch to asio 4all driver but no change in sound. thanks for you effort!

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    How its going?

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    Yeah, space's got no air =\ Means no audio.
    In childhood, I always wanted to know, what would happen if you turned on some audio in open space or put off your spacesuit xD

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    Hmm PS Saturation Rocks,

    A Bit Funny on the Volume Level. But a total hippie when it comes to the cool stuff,

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    Man WIckeD

    Long Attack
    tune to B +2 Octaves
    or +1
    Instant Chiptuney OldSkool.......Cool man. I Like! Muse Release Pak.

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    Okay, are you opening the offline settings with Cubase open? If so, have you also tried changing the drivers Cubase uses for sound? I don't know about Cubase 2.0, but in SX3 you go to Device-Device Setup, then you click on the VST Audiobay, and choose your driver from the dropdown in the top right. Change it to ASIO4ALL v2, and see if you get any love. If not, I think that's all I've got! Hope it works for you!

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    but, you may try this link also

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    Fortunately NASA makes sure most of their media is public domain... there are a bunch of sounds on their website in the multimedia section... also sheck out these:

    Although technically not audio recordings, they are spectrographs translated as sound.

    (space has no air)

    There were some kind of microphones on some early Mars missions but either the mic didn't work or the probe blew up on launch pad. Recording on other planets is difficult due to the fact of atmospherics, let alone distance and cost.

    I made a bunch of space sounds you might be interested in...

    I wish they would put a microphone on another planet, most likely all we would hear is muffled or swishy wind noise for the most part, maybe some thermal vents or something... mostly quiet though... damn shame.

    COLONIZE PLANETS NOW, stop the traffic congestion!

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    I created my first VST instrument and posted it at the archive.

    This is version 1 (actually 2 but the first one was horrible). The link to all the sounds are there as well (or I could just put them all here and claim them as mine like the amen break...)

    I am working on a new stereo one with all sorts of effects, filters and oscillators as soon as I can figure out how to do it. This is technically the closest forum category I could find to post this in (people looking for certain sounds).

    I also have a human beatbox on the drawing board and many other cool ideas... stay tuned.

    Oh and Happy 4th of July.. I will be recording some firewoks tonight if I can keep the laptop dry... damn rain (smells of English fog to me...)


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    Try sphere music by johanes kepler !!

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    There's a recording of the Huygens descent into Titan back in 2005 on They also have a recording of the radar echo. I suppose it's fully copyrighted though, so you can't really use it, but it's fun to hear. But there are no aliens saying "hello" on the recordings tongue
    I've never heard of "blood beat sound" on other planets, if you have any interesting links, I'd like to see smile

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    Any idea on that?

    Do you think that i could find some recordings from other planets? I have heard some things about this "blood beat sound" in other planets and i am really curious to hear something.

    It could be anything else, though. Any recording from other parts of the universe.

    Thanx a lot.

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    Hm, did you not get the list (s)?

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    the most "shhhh" sounding drumcomputer sound that I know of is the Hammond Auto-Vari 64 cymbal but its not found here I am afraid. Am I allowed to upload that sound? What is the definition of a PCM Keyboard mentioned in the licence? Its out of an old drumbox...

    (remove the + in the url )

    In case you find it elsewere- try timestretching it instead of pitching or process by granular synthesis.
    You might want to look for a free prog called GranuLab to do that...

    Hope this might help you.

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    if i open asio4all first there is no red x. but after i open cubase and then go back to asio4all the red x suddenly appears.

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    I just got this email:

    Hello, everyone.

    I'm pleased to announce v2 of the OLPC sound samples torrent,
    available immediately from:

    It includes all of the 44kHz samples that were missing from the
    initial release of the torrent.

    Thanks to SJ Klein and Dr. Richard Boulanger for helping me get
    this release together.

    A number of you are getting this via BCC: because Dr. Boulanger
    asked me to let you know when this hit; this includes folks at
    FreeSound and others who had expressed interest. I apologise
    profusely if getting a notice about this new torrent is something
    you're not interested in; let me know and I'll never bother you
    again. smile

    Phil Bordelon

    I asked qubodup for some help before, but now I'm just getting the samples myself - directly onto freesound. I'll make the list for description again and set it up.

    If I forget, remind me in 1 week and kick me in 2.

    - bram

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    Thank you mate, those samples are just right and totally awsome. Thanx soooo much.

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    Thanks for all the suggestions.

    If I can't find a cheap figure-8 for the side component in a MS-pair I'll probably go for either the NT4 or AT825 - I'm sure they'll both be good choices. Also since they can both be powered by battery power, I'll also save purchasing the more expensive Fostex FR-2 LE recorder (with good preamps) for later and get a cheaper and more compact unit now, such as the Zoom H4 or Marantz PMD 620. Later I can then expand my rig with a MS-pair with a shotgun in the middle and some kind of stereo pair of omnis or cardioids...