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    2673 - Colorado

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    2672 - Joint

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    2671 - strip

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    thats great input tank you guys for this great information

    bohemia girl

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    qubodup wrote:
    It seems like it is possible to insert a non-categorized tag at the beginning but as soon as I add a category, i can only add tags related to the last opened category.

    This has either been fixed or (more likely) I couldn't tell the green and yellow backgrounds apart and my report was wrong, sorry.

    Sound playback does work in the experiment in Firefox 30.0.

    I'd suggest a different description text color and that the tag overlay shouldn't disappear if the browser loses focus.

    By the way, if anybody is curious but doesn't have the time to test YouTube's tag function, I made a short simple video of the interface:

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    Wonderful project, and perfect reportage, Jeff's music works like a charm as its soundtrack.

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    Hi qubodup,

    qubodup wrote:
    It seems like it is possible to insert a non-categorized tag at the beginning but as soon as I add a category, i can only add tags related to the last opened category.

    Can you elaborate a bit more on that? I've tested the system on chrome/firefox/safari in windows/linux/mac and I've not been able to reproduce this issue you mention.

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    my video reportage of an exhibition

    Thanks to Jeff Carter for the music:
    I did enjoy it in the past, and found it perfect for this work.

    Also used the perfect "bowl" sample by Hans Timmermans.
    Complete credits at the end of video.

    the project:
    zero money - from start to end.
    A well known Italian designer met the Arkadia community in Tuscany, Italy.
    Arkadia works with mind troubled people.
    The concept was to ask designers to invent dresses and let Arkadia group create these.
    Experts did teach tailoring to Arkadia.
    Title of project and exhibition: Abiti da Lavoro = Work wear
    ...a provocative title, for the concept of workwear is freely extended: the workwear of the blind, the mad, the tree doctor, the cloud hunter...
    The city museum Triennale of Milano offered a big space; even the buffet came free from a non-profit organization.
    It was a big success; many designers are important figures from different countries; Arkadia people had its own success and visibility.

    The project started and ended with zero money but with a crowd of volunteers (me included):
    to do something so complex and interesting with no money IS POSSIBLE!

    Here are some pictures from Arkadia site:
    the Triennale Museum page:
    article in english:

    our Fb page:
    and yutube channel of Tam Tam, the zero-money school where I collaborate:

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    scary, as the topic. well done.

    here's a simple and direct page about drones strikes in Pakistan -
    only an example, the problem is worldwide and inter-national:

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    Please ask the powers that be to come up with button up ,short sleeve somewhat cotton with a pocket freesound shirt. I will buy ten of them !!!

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    A bit political. A bit noise.

    Thanks to the freesounders. Thanks to you for stopping by to listen.


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    Can't really get it to sound "right" in german. I will take my swing at my own interpreted translation tomorrow (unfortunatly had no time yesterday/today) but if you got any ideas for the text in german it would be helpful if you could send it to me.
    Just to be sure that the quintessence of the message stays the same/similar or fits your conception.

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    here goes, my first submission in what seems forever!
    samples used;
    effects; cut, looped, rearranged, time stretched, delay, pitch, EQ, bit-crusher, flange, phaser & chorus
    effects; cut, looped, rearranged, reversed, pitch, EQ & Avocado glitch filter

    this was really fun, and very challenging, as I haven't worked on a dare in about two years, and I haven't made any music in almost 9 months!
    thanks AlienXXX for the amazing dares, as always

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    It’s been moderated now, so enjoy smile

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    I cannot hear sounds in the experiment form. I am forced to open the image and search for the sound id on freesound to listen to it. Chromium on Linux. 36.0.1985.125 (Developer Build 283153)

    [false alarm, see next post] It seems like it is possible to insert a non-categorized tag at the beginning but as soon as I add a category, i can only add tags related to the last opened category.[false alarm over]

    I wish freesound had a tagging input system equal to youtube, where space would not separate tags but instead , or enter/return would.

    I recently started writing tags down during the editing of sounds as comma separated lists in the metadata and will probably not have time to use a complex tagging system for my uploads.

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    YouTube Link

    Teleporter Trouble is a stop motion LEGO short film that uses sounds from the following freesound users:

    DJ Burnham

    Thanks to everyone we used sounds from.

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    Hi guys very happy to have found a site like this where users are willing to help each other out. I was wondering if anyone could record saying: you're listening to the mamba mix with your host, Ryan Mamba.

    I am trying to make my own DJ drop however i do not know of anyone who can help me record so thanks a lot guys! hope to hear from someone real soon

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    I am a screen reader user and I would like to suggest something that is going to help us to navigate the site much quicker.
    For now we still can use it without problems but not as quickly.
    At the search result pages, or when viewing the sounds by a user, it would be nice if sounds were separated by headings.
    For now we still can navigate the site but the process is a bit slower because we have to arrow down the ratings, descriptions, tags for each sound etc.
    If headings are difficult perhaps you could use horizontal separators
    I hope I am not asking for something difficult.
    Over all the freesound interface is very accessible and I enjoy using it.

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    Hi guys, I'm new here so just wanted to say hello and ask for a bit of help from anyone who has an accent*!

    *One that's not a New Zealand accent which is probably all of you!

    I'm putting together an intro for a bit on our show called "Ed's World" and basically Ed is our correspondant who goes around the world and tells us about stuff that's going on there so for the intro I'd really like to have some people saying "Ed's World!" and then I can put them all together and it'll sound really multicultural!

    Male or female is fine, English accents would be great, Spanish, Australian, Finnish, French, anything at all just as long as you say "Ed's World!" (If you can say it in English and another language that would be great but the English version is the most important.)

    Thanks guys and girls!


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    Hi guys, I need a dj name drop saying "Knapsack Sessions with Jackbits" i trust your creativity but it would be better if sounded passionate like this
    Thank you. Also if it would be in the sync with tempo of 126-128 bpm i would be very aprreciated you will save me a lot of time and clean sound