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    Okay I’m first out.

    I have a reason… Well, the not that original title ”Falling Apart” refers to 1) my headphones 2) my version of Dark Wave Studio. Yes, believe it or not I have a DAW (on my work computer)…
    I used these VSTs 1) PG-8X (Roland JX-8P emulator), HY-Reso (Parallel bandpass filters) and 3) Gigaverb (Reverb).

    If I tried to change any parameters on PG-8X or Gigaverb the program freezes. I managed to play with HY-Reso. So I couldn’t do very much more than a simple pattern and record. Take a photo of my falling appart headphones and edit. Post on CS and write this text. Done.

    (Yep I misspelled "apart" in the title.... Sorry for that...)

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    With a bit more effort someone could get a tune from the harmonica vacuum combo ...

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    Thanks, folks who've checked it out!

    There are still a missing features and bugs - occassionally it doesn't find something that's definitely there, for example. Working to improve that part.

    The "video" visuals aren't yet generated by the Pi (I need a video capture board still), but the ANSI displays include Freesound spectrograms. smile

    Next up is definitely video, to include traditional visualizations as well as whacky glitch effects.

    I'm also adding annotations to the vids to link directly to people's sounds. I hope everyone feels they're properly credited!

    Thanks again, stay tuned I have lots more planned.

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    air freight logistics

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    well - this is something.;_term=.keDv9M5po#.wqrOmMqo8

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    Sorry, was in the process of name changing. Here's the new link:

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    I need three male voices and two female voices.

    Male 1:

    You want to play football?! (laugh)

    I accept! I'll go find a referee!

    Well, I found a referee!

    Yep! That's my girlfriend!

    Male 2:

    SHUT UP! We'll never get started!

    Yeah! That's why we got that guy!

    Hey! You're out of bounds!

    That's your girlfriend?

    Male 3:

    Welcome to this game of football! On this side we have the kick ass footballers! And on this side we have the dumb ass footballers! Today's game will be refereed by me! Sure I might give a few penalties, but you have to have someone doing it! I'm SO unbiased, that I will let the girls start with the ball! Football lasts for 90 minutes and that's just in processional football, so should it be 90 minutes or not? I've never played football, so how should I know? Who even cares?!

    Objection ignored!

    Who cares? You were out of bounds, so it's the kickass's ball!

    Get back here! That's a penalty for showing off!

    Female 1:

    I'm bored! Nothing to do!

    Great idea! Let's go get the boys!

    Hey! Wait a minute! We're outnumbered! This is not fair!

    Hey! What are you playing?! AMERICAN football?!

    Ok! But don't kick it too hard!

    I was not! I had both feet in!


    I'm sorry, but this game is over! Dumb ass footballers one, kickass footballers a big, ball shaped zero!

    Me too!

    Female 2:

    When guys are bored, they play football!

    Let me start with the ball! I'll pass to you!

    I don't know about you, but I want an ice cream!

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    5005 - toys

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    Headphaze is the law here guys. I'm not going to enforce anything except I sunk this thread.

    Toiletrolltube, chill *** **** out, don't make me throw you out, it would be small a loss for FS.

    Monsterjazzlicks, this is the internet, people have opinions and shout. just ignore toiletrolltube. Perhaps read this splendid guide

    - bram

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    5004 - Boys

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    5003 - Pet-shop

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    I have just received my freesound T-Shirt and
    the quality is wonderful.

    Thank you for a great website / service and a good T-Shirt.

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    webcoreit wrote:

    No additional restrictions — You may not apply legal terms or technological measures that legally restrict others from doing anything the license permits.

    Is that allowed by the CC BY license?

    I think it is, but what does the quoted part of the license mean?

    Hi Tom.

    As long as "Mr S" is abiding by the original license terms (attribution) he does not have to publish his material under a Creative Commons License. He could apply an "all rights reserved" copyright license.

    This is where it gets confusing because the quoted clause applies only if you are choosing to redistribute [the sound] as is or modified versions in some sort of library or database. It can't apply to creative works made which include the original material as part of a composition, these works need a separate license and don't have to be CC. Mr S does however need to apply all relevant terms when publishing.

    Take for example a documentary episode of BBC Horizon. Their programme has a standard all rights reserved copyright notice. However they have used one CCBY sound effect from that they have attributed correctly within the rolling credits; the DVD is on sale on Amazon. This doesn't mean they have to apply the same CC license without restrictions to their programme. You see what I mean?

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    Hello and thank you for your reply ,

    Well regarding the first script i would like it to be in a happy mood ( my style is rnb and hiphop ) and i would play it ant the beginning on my set so i want it to be hyped interesting i leave u to do the judgment and if you can offer more than one version i would love that .

    regarding the second script ! i want it to be very hyped deep would be interesting but also a warm sexy voice would be cool as well

    Regarding the third one ! just a drop dj so deejay jay dee and so on ... just a normal jungle drop or if you can add

    You are in the mix with JAY DEE . You are in the mix with DJ GRAVITY . You are in the mix with DJ OLEG

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    Hey, would you like this in a deep radio type voice or just a normal voice? is there any other details you could give me so I can make this closest to your desired recording. thank you

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    those are not working for me, hopefully someone will post a cool one!

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    Maybe very nice VSTs, but not relevant for the dare.

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    Dear Artists !

    I cannot stress on how much i appreciate your work ! you guys are what makes us believe that music is a given gift and one should share it !

    I am performing in a Foam festival in my home country of lebanon and am requesting a intro

    The script:

    This is the FOAM FESTIVAL by Michelle Kharat and you are now live in the mix with DEEJAY BEE.

    Script number 2:

    The best of hip hop and rnb with Deejay Bee and MC MOE

    The script 3 :

    Dj Jay dee ( Jaydee) - Dj Gravity - Dj Oleg

    I would like the artist not to make it rushy or go with a fast tempo ! make it hot and simply interesting !

    if you do not know how to spell the " Michelle Kharat " \

    hopefully this zippy share would help.

    i would be more than happy to throw a little donation for whoever helps ..

    Thank you very much in advanced

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    This is realy wonderful. thanks for all your work.