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    Would like the recording 2 minutes of a Manitowoc 31000 Crawler crane...

    This is a 31 Million dollar Crane built Manitowoc company..

    So if someone sees this Monster Crane out there please record it for me..

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    Great tips, Wibby!

    By the way, DC removal is also available as an option under Effects -> Normalize; since normalizing is an option itself, Normalize can be used just for DC removal as well.

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    Hi Guys & Gals,

    I don't make loops as such, but I do cut up and join bits of sound effects that I've recorded using
    Audacity. As Zimbot said, finding zero crossing points for both channels on a stereo recording is very hit and miss, and can buggle up precise timing. My method is to find a (near) zero crossing ("C" on the keyboard in audacity). When I've selected and snipped the bit I want to loop/join I zoom right in to the first few cycles at the start, select the first half cycle of waveform and do a "Fade in" from the edit menu. I then do the same at the end of the track but with a "Fade out". You can see the start waveform change down to the zero line. Theoretically this generates a bit of distortion, bending the frequency of the first half cycle, but in practice this is so brief it is essentially inaudible. The good thing is it doesn't slow down any transient attack but it will remove any clicks at the transition points in the loop.

    Another thing to check before cutting a segment for looping is to remove DC from the signal. (DC offset is something I'm noticing more these days when people send me MP4s and stuff that's been generated on phones and tablets.) A DC offset will cause Audacity to select zero crossings that aren't actually at zero but are part way up the slope of the waveform. In Audacity I remove DC by selecting the whole track and using the High-pass filter set at 1Hz. Again, on audacity's waveform display you can see the DC offset disappear.

    Hope these tips are useful to somebody.


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    I am a Trap producer called Pulse. YouTube: HashtagPULSE.

    I need a black male or a deep voice to say multiple things so I can have a 'signature sound' for each of my tracks.

    I need the voices to have no effects and NO CLIPPING!!!

    Here are what I need saying...

    "Pulse Trap"
    "Pulse let the bass kick"
    "Check your Pulse"
    "Pulse make em JUMP!"
    "Pulse TURN UP!"
    "Chillin' with the PULSE SQUAD!"

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    Hi guys, long time lurker first time poster!

    I'm working on a youtube project, read for fun - not really for profit, and I'm looking for some voice clips. You'll be tagged and credited, and if my series takes off possibly asked to do some more work as well!

    So here's what I need.

    I need a voice that sounds urgent but not panicked or rushed. I'm going to go ahead and post the first line of the script that I wrote, (it's like - 8 lines or so) I don't necessarily need just one person - so what I'll do is I'll post the first line and then go from there with any samples I get.

    "Captain, we're receiving a distress call from Starbase 27, they're being attacked by Klingons."

    Separate recording
    I also need some rough laughter, a la klingon. Not long, just like 4 staccato burst of mocking laughter.

    Thanks so much for your consideration of my project, and I look forward to working with you guys!


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    @CadereSounds: I bought "Pro" version of Mr. Alias mainly to support talented developer.
    But there are difference between normal and Pro versions, listed on Insert Piz Here website
    ( ):

    "Exclusive features in Mr. Alias Pro include:
    Better-sounding "Pro" GUI with realistic wood sides
    Auto Randomizer
    Integrated MIDI keyboard - play with mouse or QWERTY keys (right-click to hold a note)
    Modulation of internal parameters from audio input, envelopes, oscillators, etc
    Extra assignable envelope and two LFOs
    Glide and Retrigger for legato playing in Mono mode
    Set each oscillator to a constant pitch, ignoring MIDI note value
    2 more banks of patches
    Drawable waveforms (also load/save wav files)"

    Thanks for kudos smile

    @gis_sweden: If you are interested in technical background of my tracks,
    check the following thread at - I always list tools used,
    and I describe techniques if someone asks:

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    Earlier I used to find loops quite limited. Also it felt like plagiarising someone else's work, or cheating by using pre-made blocks to make a music piece.
    I still had my mind set to the times of the Amiga sequencers, where all that you could do was take the loop and play it at different speeds.

    gis_sweden wrote:
    The SP is a sort of launchpad, but you cant fade in/ut sounds. There is a limitation in polyphony and processor capacity. And even the most exact cut loops will slowly drift apart. Not necessary a bad thing.

    With some of the loops (made by others and also made by myself)I used to encounter the problem you refer to. Nowadays, if using a DAW it is very easy to cut loops exactly to the bar length they should be.
    You are still likely to continue to encounter loops that have not been cut to exactly the right size and will slowly drift. Again, pretty much all DAWs have a time stretching facility that will solve that.
    Going back to my Amiga days, there is a simpler and sometimes preferable solution. Trigger the loop as if it was a one-shot sample. If it should be 4 bars long, trigger it every 4 bars.
    So if the ending of the loop is slightly too short or too long it won't matter.
    This solution was often used by musicians in the old Amiga trackers. And still works today, whatever DAW you are using.

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    This is how it sounds inside a particle accelerator if you are a proton.
    Interesting VST-FX list.

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    I still have my SP-404. You can make loops in this machine. You can export sounds as WAV. But to make smooth loops this is not the machine. And you cant resample more than 2 sounds at a time. And you cant resample a pattern you have made. You have to bounce your result to en external source and record it back into the SP. The SP is a sort of launchpad, but you cant fade in/ut sounds. There is a limitation in polyphony and processor capacity. And even the most exact cut loops will slowly drift apart. Not necessary a bad thing.
    I have a Kaoss Pad 3 to. This is a nice machine when it comes to blend different sounds and create interesting effects. But you have to record sounds into the machine and record the outcome, and make a loop out of it in the computer.
    That’s how I made this sound

    I use Audacity in windows (had Linux before but my wife didn’t like it… My kids never had a problem). And yes you have to know how long every bar is for the bpm you are working with ((60/bpm)*4) = length of a bar in seconds.
    The big challenge is to make seamless loop. I tried zimbots trick a little but haven’t succeeded yet… I will practice. For a while I had a Roland W-30 sampler. Yep, then there are “even more things to consider”.

    I have prepared a little track in launchpad for iPad that I will record. Then I will try to move on to more complex sounds to loop. I have some ideas… (but so little time).
    Maybe the Novation Launchpad for iPad is a to “stiff” tool? I hope you understand what I mean.
    Maybe one of my ideas will be in Dare 29

    Thanks for your comments and ideas, freesounders!!!

    (Maybe I move back to my SP to get that special SP flavor and drift apart fx…)

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    Wow! That's a gorgeous-sounding spacetank, myluckyfeet. Melodious, mellow and you don't need to plug it in.

    By way of contrast, I thought I'd chip in here with a quick mention of a free Kontakt package by 0:1 called 'Hang Wok'. It's downloadable via the page at (scroll down the page and you'll find it). The downloadable archive contains wads of .wav files in addition to the .nki GUI. Handy for those who have neither a real tank drum nor a copy of Native Instruments Kontakt.

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    2807- Miles

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    Here's my go at it:

    I couldn't help making a pun on "Attack of the Clones" and the fact that the harmonic part is a drone, but the intent was overall quite serious.

    With a little help of a few previously uploaded sounds of mine (honorable mention for luckylittleraven as the helicopter came from one of her sounds,
    here's the list of the sounds used in this:





    Thank you AlienXXX, kb7clx, klankbeeld and thatjeffcarter for those inspiring sources.
    I realize this is hardly musical, so feel free to disqualify it!

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    Well, just in case anyone wondered. I emailed them 10 days ago and haven't heard anything. I'm not reading much into that or their reason for not replying but I guess the chances of sharing this recording are decreasing.

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    I've sent you a PM.

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    2806 - distance

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    We are looking for a talented sound designer to produce original music and sound FX for a paranormal show premiering on ADEYS TV (http://ADEYS.TV) which can be seen on Smart TV, Roku, Google TV and Amazon Fire TV. Your name will be credited in the ending credits of the show so this is a good opportunity to showcase your art and build a reputation for yourself among established television producers.

    We have already found such amazing works of art here at and have taken the opportunity to incorporate some of that content into our trailers but now we are looking for a talented artist to write exclusively for Duckfacers Productions. If proven to be reliable you will have the opportunity to build a career with our production company and ultimately become a part of the production team as our lead sound designer for nearly every show created by Duckfacers Productions.

    Contact us at or visit for more information about our television series. Trailers available at:

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    2805 - parsec

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    How about this: a dare for everyone to create loops using Audacity?

    Then everyone will be new at this because I do not think many people have used Audacity as a loop making tool before.

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    Hi everyone

    This is inspired by this forum thread:

    Request is simple:
    Create loops and upload to Freesound. Any type, any style, any genre (percussion, beats, synth lines, atmospheres/textures...)

    Rules are simple:
    1) You MUST use Audacity to create the loop itself (explained below)
    2) Must upload with the following tags: "dare-29", "Audacity", "loop", "loopable"
    3) Include the BPM in the name of the file and in the tags as "###BPM" - this is not required if your loop is an ambience/atmosphere/texture/drone sound that does not contain mellodic or rhythmic elements

    You should post in this thread to let people know when you upload sounds.
    A link to the sound(s) or pack is a good idea.

    Explanation of rule 1.
    You can use any sound sources (physical instruments, recordings, samples, virtual instruments) BUT the construction/mixing of the loop itself must be done in Audacity. See the thread indicated at the top for ideas on how to create loops in Audacity.
    Some examples:
    - sampled myself playing a loopable riff on my bass-guitar and used Audacity to trim the best take and save as a loop - NOT ALLOWED. The original sound was already a loop, you did not transform it into a loop in Audacity
    - Take the above recording of bass-guitar and construct a new sequence from snippets of the original recording. - ALLOWED: You created a loop from snippets of one or more recordings.
    - Assemble a loop in Audacity from individual percussion samples. - ALLOWED AND ENCOURAGED!
    - Take a pre-existing loop and process it in Audacity - Hmmmmm DEPENDS: IF you just reverse a couple of hits or apply an effect, then NO. If you completely turn it into something new, then YES.

    I think you get the idea smile

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    copyc4t wrote:
    Option 3:
    Generate -> Click Track wink
    (At least on my Linux box, Audacity v. 2.0.5, Click Track appears in one of the Plugins submenus of the Generate menu)

    Can't believe I forgot this! Yes, this is much easier.
    In the PC, "generate click track" is within the Generate menu.