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    Intime221 Project


    We're working on an art project based on a collection of 220 polaroids focused on the theme of 'intimacy' . Two sets of 110 polaroids, we have made, were being stitched together and are being exposed in an exposition right now. For another expo in Lille we want to explore the imagery further. We are interested in sounds(capes) that can accompany the polaroids. We're looking for soundartists that are inspired by the photos in our collection. Creativity is at hand here. We don't need exact matches. The images and the sounds can get into dialogue.

    If one of you is interested to collaborate on this project, give us a sign.

    Sure, that you'll get the proper credits fo your work.

    The whole mosaic and other work of us you can find on the website of our socio-artistic collective Marcel:

    Many Greetings,


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