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    How to create a live feeling??

    Hello there! My name is Maik and i'm new here. I shot and edit a big house party last week...

    Here is the deal: When the movie was done i didn't get the live feeling. I try to mix the audio from the party with the movie but i didn't succeed.
    The music from the party was to loud. I saw TAKE ONE yesterday and i was amazed about the sound in the edit!! Maybe you can help me with some advice how tot use audio in
    my video about party events. I really like the techniek like take one: very fast editing with live sound and sound effects. Take a look at 2 till 4 seconds off the trailer:

    Okay.. I can't link a URL. If you look at youtube for Take one swedisch house mafia trailer you will see what i mean smile

    Can somebody give me some advice how to achieve that effect? and maybe create a more live feeling in my movies?

    Thanks!!!! Kind regards Maik

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    To build live image you have to build it up from several tracks.

    in this track you can take out the talking people:

    you want music: e.g. seperate. and so on..

    You can find sounds by using the search-key at the left menu. Use time indication. soo when you will find a bicycle-sound type bicycle between 0 and 120 seconds, soo you dont get long recordings with a bicycle passing by in a long recording.

    here is a group of people:

    and a sample pack frome Robinhood76: Robinhood76, also useful??

    I hope the tips will help. sory for my bad english. :wink: Good luck, dont forget to credit the users in your end-product and feel very welcome here..

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