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    A couple of ideas for the new freesound?

    With the newlook freesound somewhere just around the corner this might be too late!But anyway here's a couple of ideas.....
    It would be useful for uploaders to have the possibility to write something about the different sound packs......this might be more technical details or what the creator was trying to catch in the sound...anything that helps the listener/downloader in searching.(A similar system to the one on flickr)
    I think it would be good if there was a sticky on the forum where users could post their stuff made using freesounds and a rating system to give some idea of the popularity,or not,of their work.
    I reckon this would help the dialogue between uploaders/downloaders and encourage users to give the proper credit for the samples they return for a clearer platform to get their stuff heard and rated....and for all of us a single,easy place to get to when we want to check out what's being made with all these sounds.

    ......Thanks for listening smile

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    I Second you Juskiddink.
    Good challenges n ideas.

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