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    Freesound mentioned on issue #150 of Computer Music

    Dear All,

    just wanted to let you know that Freesound got some decent coverage on issue #150 of Computer Magasine on an article specifically about sampling, copyright and sample libraries.
    If you have a chance pick up the magasine and have a look.

    I think this press attention is really well deserved. Shame i could see no mention there of the expected upgrade of Freesound which will give users a higher control over the level of copyright they want to retain on uploaded material.

    Hopefully this kind of article will attract more users and more contributors to Freesound!
    Did you know that a sample from Freesound has featured on a Prodigy song? - What better testimony of the quality of samples that can be found here?

    My thanks to the creators, sponsors, mods and to all the users that make this such a great site.

    I want to believe.

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