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    SFX artists - permission to use your sounds in a GPLed work?


    I'm looking for sounds that I can mash up and turn into freely available sound effects for Free (Libre) and Open Source computer games. Unfortunately, due to some of the finer points of the Sampling Plus license (namely the restriction on commercial use), it's not possible for me to do this under the terms of that license, so I have to ask for explicit permission here.

    So, here's the deal. I'd like to use some sounds archived here to create some sound effects, and make those sound effects available on my website:

    But to do this, I'll need to license the resulting mashups under the following licenses:
    * GNU GPL 2 and above
    * CC-BY-SA 3 and above

    Provided I credit you and require that users of my derivative works credit you as well, may I use your work as stated above?

    Please reply here and let me know if I can use the sounds you've created.


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    Hi! You can use mine of course.

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