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    Hi Brammie,

    works fine here:
    - Windows2000SP4+latest updates
    - IE 6.0.2800.1106
    - Flash

    Great sounds by the way! Very good as an aternative for the usual Xmas songs madness wink

    A few things maybe:
    - could you set up a similar page with shorter, perfectly looped sounds, to make it easier to hear if things get looped correctly without small pauses in between each iteration?
    - a possibility to set the loop range would be great (making feature requests is nice and easy from this side, I do realize that) wink

    Have fun with the end-of-year festivities!


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    now if only we could drag samples straight from the site to the player and maybe have a loop function with adjustable bpm for looping short samples like percussions or beats....that would be a thrill...I'll just keep on dreaming :roll:

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    I share your dream! smile

    In the meantime I was working on some ideas how to enhance the player functionality.

    Unfortunately, this is a more restricted approach (also due to my limited time resources :cry: ), however, may be it gives some inspiration to the community. An open system with similar functions would be awesome.


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    heatfuse: that's what I'm slowly, but surely working towards. ssssht, don't tell anyone.

    we might have to sitch to Java before that though...
    flash and javascript are both redidiculously bad at timing sad

    - bram

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    Nice work Mr. Bram. i especially like the wave skip feature as often when i listen to samples i hear a sound, and to listen to it again i have to play the whole sample it!

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    IE6, Flash Player 8 ... but clicking on the waveform display does nothing for me.

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