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    Unfortunately, freesound (like any other sound/music related service I know) - does not develops pragmatic comment system (...and does not have tools to allow users to create such one).

    What do I mean by "pragmatic comments".

    Well - let say that you are beta testing something. Or doing a research on something. Or gathering brain-storming creative thoughts for your marketing routine. Or creating a fan-list. What types of comments do you need? What questions/topics should be answered/touched and in which way? What kind of questionnaires should be there, and how to organize them in order to get valuable questions? It's like this. "Did you liked? [Yes / No / Don't know / Don't ask]" - this one brings nothing particular. But if you start like "What did you liked in that sound?" or "Which aspects of that sound you did not liked and why?" and give some hints or selectable options, then you get comments you need/expect. So it's somewhere between giving the space and giving directions. Without directions - listeners are usually lost, and can express themselves strangely sometimes. wink

    BTW, freesound is somewhat research oriented project, so think about how to raise the level in tat particular area. - independent research on sound and consciousness - best sounds for extraordinary inner experiences
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    Well to get rid of comments inclusive double posts that happens time and time again, why not do a facebook X button to delete ones comments that has been double posted? I succeeded today:

    Best regards Johan Brodd
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    jobro wrote:
    ... why not do a facebook X button to delete ones comments that has been double posted?

    When I login there is a cross icon on the right of each comment on my samples which will delete the comment if clicked on.

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    Timbre wrote:
    jobro wrote:
    ... why not do a facebook X button to delete ones comments that has been double posted?

    When I login there is a cross icon on the right of each comment on my samples which will delete the comment if clicked on.

    I think he might be talking about deleting his own comments on other users samples. It doesn't look possible to me.

    A gentleman's living room always contains a toilet.
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    This one made my day today. smile

    Especially that part about some websites that try to sell something to me.
    (it refers to my website that I link with, and my software that I develop). - independent research on sound and consciousness - best sounds for extraordinary inner experiences
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    Just an "admin" answer in here:
    if you get really annoying comments, don't forget to flag them.
    And also, delete them if they just bother you.

    You have the power!

    - bram

    Warning: if you break the rules, see my avatar. Freesound Admin, Moderator, Ex-Freesound-Coder & Benevolent Dictator For Life.
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    Well I guess people only comment here when they find something they don't like.. I've found so many great sounds with hundreds of downloads and only 2 or 3 people bother to show their appreciation. Why would anyone bother uploading sounds for such ungrateful people. It takes 2 seconds to type thank you..

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    I haven't been on the longest but one of my sounds I got said that I cut a sound to soon, I deleted it thou. That's the worst I got but either way I haven't been on the site for long. Here's the link to the sound thou:

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    I love this one:

    never mind the bollocks zagi2
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    "total shit"

    < nuh NUH! >
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    I’ve never got any nasty comments but I always seem to get sounds rated one star even when they’ve been downloaded fifty or so times. Weird. Would be nice if the people who download and like my stuff would leave a few stars sad

    Give me a place to stand and a knob to tweak and I will create sub bass so loud the earth moves.
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    Well there's always next time, I go through that to and then I sometimes upload a sound that brings in the downloads and ratings!!!!

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    Someone wrote "you're a faggot and so is this sound" once.

    I deleted the comment so I can't link up.

    That was actually quite shocking.

    I am the thing that goes bump in the night...

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    Perhaps user Ecgrap read this thread. Or hopefully not and decided to comment about Hello_Flower's original comment:

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    So bad its funny grin.

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    Not the most stupid one but a bit of effort arguing over a word:

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    so it can serve even more and better sounds to you in the future!
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    I replied.
    Freesound IS free!
    And don't diss qubodup. He's a moderator. He knows how freesound works.

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    Think all of this is bad?! Wait until you see my comment on my "silence, I kill you" sound! I don't understand what it means! "I almost want to say I feel "chocolate rain!" When I asked about the meaning I get a response of "That's for me to figure out!"

    Just call me Koopa for short. Everyone does anyway!
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    I am not having a go at you by any means. But when wondering why others have not commented, let me ask you something:
    Your Freesound profile says you have downloaded 49 sounds. - How many comments have you left?

    It is the nature of human nature: If you can take something for free (meaning absolutely free, with no effort involved whatsoever), many people will do just that.
    The anonimity and stealth of the internet also makes it easier. - If you were out in the street handing out free chocolates, I am sure you would get a few "Thank you"s (along with a few "No, thank you"s and a few odd looks). But if you just left a box of chocolates out in the street people would grab then and say nothing. Even if you left a notebook by the side asking for comments. The most likely outcome of such an experiment is that the first guy to stumble across them would take the full box of chocolates (and possible the notebook and the pen...)

    The sounds at Freesound are the 'box of chocolates'. Nobody is looking when you 'take' the sound, nobody sees you take it. Why leave a comment? Just move to the next sound you want and grab it too!

    In an online community of uploaded contents like Freesound you have different types of users:
    - Uploaders
    - Downloaders
    - Interactive users
    - Sporadic or one-off users

    Uploaders are mostly interested in uploading stuff. Some don't even bother to go to the forums. They just upload.
    Downloaders pull far more sounds than they contribute. Some (leachers) exclusively download, sometimes tens of thousands of sounds. Again, the vast majority does not use the forums. Althoug a few do.
    Interactive users are very interested in interacting with the community. These are the ones that are most likely to be active in the forums, comment on sounds, etc. The most extreme sub-type of interactive users are the collaborators - they actually engage with other Freesounders and create collaborative works.
    Sporadic users come to Freesound once in a blue moon to download a specific sound. Some come here only once for one sound. MAybe they come back much later and create a new user accound because they can't remember the old one...

    These are the extreme types. Of course there are cases in between.
    Types are not fixed either, they can chenge over time for a variety of reasons - When I joined Freesound I downloaded stuff for years before uploading my first sound. And it was some time further before I started using the forums.

    So, again, not having a go. What do you want to get out of Freesound?
    If you are looking for followers and comments, you might find more social media focused sites (Facebook, Myspace, even Soundcloud) more interactive and possibly more rewarding.
    Freesound seems to be more of a long-haul kind of place. A couple of sounds will not give you immediate attention. Even 200 sounds is no guarantee of that. - My advice is to enjoy the ride for the sake of the ride itself smile

    hmmmm..... erm..... I forgot...
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    wow haha, thats a pretty big reply to answer a young kid tongue