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    Looking for sample packs to bundle with my open source sampler for Linux. What's good?


    I'm a Linux audio developer, and I just finished the first stable release of my sampler called Euphoria as part of my plugin pack here:

    I was looking to create a small library of sampler instruments to distribute with my plugin pack for my next release. Which sample packs would you all recommend?

    I can only accept sample packs that have either a public domain or GPL license, unless the author is willing to grant an exception. I will gladly provide attribution(via a README file in the sample pack, or even a webpage whenever I get around to update my website), but that can't be a condition of the license, I must be free to re-distribute the samples under the GPL license, which doesn't guarantee attribution. Also, no funny-business about requiring royalties or disallowing commercial use, I'm not going to put any of my users at risk of being sued.

    Also, I'll probably integrate the Freesound API at some point... What is the license of the API? I don't see the license specified anywhere.

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