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    Thank You

    To the freesound team and the masses of talent who post their samples.

    Just felt the need to write this...

    I spend most my time on freesound cruising from genre to genre, listening to the endless amount of creations and gathering inspiration.

    I mean that sincerely, every time I come away from freesound, I leave with new ideas and inspiration for my own creations.

    So, my thanks to freesound for a fantastic and inspirational resource and to everyone who shares their work in this community.

    And I leave you with a quote that resonates and has stayed with me for many years...

    "The artist provides that which life does not"


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    Hey your welcome!

    ...I didn't do anything

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    just to say same as Ricky.

    thank you so much for this .... freesound.

    a great tool for all sound technician and other sound addict...

    thank again.

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    I also agree with the Thank you's and I too say Thanks for this super opportunity!

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    Thank you to freesound and the very talented people contributing.
    Like a massive encyclopedia, I find my self surfing through sounds that are not related to my original search, but compelling and thought provoking none the less.

    I have used audio from free sound in my most recent iPhone app:
    and provided an audio credits page both on my website and in the app:

    Barrett Davis
    Tree Frog Software

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    there is an forum topic for that:
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    Wunderbare Seite mit wunderbarem Inhalt!

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    One HUGE thank you from me.

    This website is like my temple of sound!


    I am the thing that goes bump in the night...

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