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    Google ads poll

    we might need to find SOME income for freesound, even if it's only to buy more hard-drives wink

    - bram

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    Perhaps the community itself would spring for new hdd's. Perhaps a paypal acount for the project?

    Your suggesting it to be only in the search results page?

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    fine by me, as long as they are inobtrusive (somewhere on the bottom in very small characters tongue)

    paypal account seems allright too and how about those t-shirts?

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    No, i won't be offended, understanding that the money will all go to improve freesound.

    Of course, inobtrusiveness is a must.

    T-shirts sounds cool hehe...

    Jaume Ferrete
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    At HydrogenAudio they use Google Ads unless the user has donated.

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    I would definitely buy a T shirt!

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    i don't have a problem with well-placed and designed google ads.

    this site is very well put together so i imagine they wouldn't be horribly in the way if implemented, so go for it!

    the HydrogenAudio idea is even better, reward people for doing the right thing happy

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    I Like the Idea of shirts. even donations but ads? nah i'm not feeling that (but i do understand the communites needs for a more space)

    please try to keep the site free of ads even if it is a loved spot like google. if u let one in who's to say u won't start letting them all in? keep the site for the people by the people

    sell us shirts YOU MADE. i'd buy for sure even if its 20 bucks.

    but hey as the saying goes-ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

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