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    submarine sonar signal

    I am searching for a clear "ping", a sonar signal, for a videofilm. Has anybody an idea, where I can find it in the net.? I only found tones for cellular phones ect.

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    Hey, i got a submarine sound here.

    contact me on and ill email it to you.

    Good clear submarine "PING"!

    "I used to get lost in the shuffle, now i just shuffle with the lost."
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    I bet other people on freesound love to hear it too smile

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    I just made one from a sound from my "mangled voice" sample pack ran back through granulab and reverbed in cool edit... it's not real, but it's one of the best that I have heard. It's called "jillys sonar" and it should be moderated and available shortly check in my "Jilly's" sample pack.

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    Dear racetec1,

    Just type sonar on the search page... you'll find several samples that resemble a sonar signal.

    Namaste! Jovica Storer

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