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    A new dare???? O jolly I cant wait...... wink please post it soon AlienXXX

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    Dear Freesounders

    Let me just post here my very warm thanks to Afleetingspeck for running this dare!
    Thanks Specky!! Very much appreciated!!!

    I also appologize for being late with my piece and severely over the time limit. I could have sworn I read 8min max instead of 4min... Maybe I had too much to drink over the festive season and was seeing double, heh?!

    Over the next 24h I will post a description of what my entry was meant to represent and, of course, full list of samples used. - Right now I need to get back to my kids for some more faily time. Bring out the board games!!!

    Until I come back... why not check the next dare?
    But don't forget to listen to and comment on all Dare 17 entries. Thank you.

    hmmmm..... erm..... I forgot...
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    Instead of editing my original post, I make a new post here with track description and details.
    (This way, anyone subscribed to this thread gets an alert for the new post.)

    I underestimated the difficulty of trying to create a dare piece whilst hosting relatives for the Christmas holidays. I was usually busy helping with meal preparations or otherwise being a host. Very late nights meant very late mornings... And whenever I was not busy, the level of noise was cataclysmic and working on music projects very difficult.

    Anyway... i had this idea in my mind from early on and managed to put together something that resembled what I intended for my piece.

    Full description of the piece story is at soundcloud
    Full sample list at soundcloud and also here for completeness:
    23774__dobroide__20061014-impossible-mix.flac (and samples credited there)

    hmmmm..... erm..... I forgot...