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    Thank you all for your participation and involvement in the discussions on dare 10.
    I wanted to post these closing comments earlier but life got in the way smile

    This was one of the dares which have made me think the most. It was also the most challenging one for me so far in terms of putting together a piece that I was happy with.

    It was great to see the discussions around specific techniques and see people sharing videos and patches.

    Some of the ideas that this dare has put in my mind will not see the light of day immediately. But they will make it into the dares and certainly into the way I try to compose.
    I found that minimalism can be a great starting point for a piece (any piece!). Strip yourself to a bare minimum number of tools and rules and try to come up with something - You will be extra focused due to the lack of 'distractions' from all the tools normally at your disposal.
    Once you have got something going, it is then up to you if you want to keep it minimalist or just use that as the seed for something more complex.

    Finally... what did I have in mind with this dare?
    I was not necessarily looking for minimalist pieces in the classical sense. My concept was more to prove that interesting and surprisingly complex pieces could be created from a very small amount of resources, and vice-versa.
    I will use architecture as an example, although this is a subject I know nothing about.
    (Joanna Geralyn is reading this and grinning, thinking 'This should be good. LOL')
    So here goes:
    Think of the Egyptian pyramids. As a shape they are very simple. They are very unsophisticated looking buildings of minimalist design (at least in their external design). However, they required all the sophistication engineering could offer at the time and a massive investment of money and human effort. They are still impressive as constructions by today's standards.
    As the opposite exxample, if you take something as simple as LEGO blocks, almost anything can be constructed using only a few block types. - This example is more similar to what I asked of you in this dare.

    I want to believe.
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    As the highest position disqualified contributor, just wanted to say whoops and sorry. Sorta got a fair amount of life in the way. I'll do my best for next time, and thanks for the hits and crits ppl. Really appreciated ^_^

    I do agree that both the scoring and voting is a little cumbersome, maybe an unranked choice of 5 would work for example. Also the voting deadline just sorta came and went - a reminder of some sort would be useful as well.