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    external competition - call for works

    Hi there,

    I just stumbled upon this:

    and I thought it might be interesting for us "daring freesounders" .
    It's a call for sound works (sonic miniatures) to be broadcasted in a radio programme. It's organized by "Gràcia Territori sonor", a Barcelona based collective that also organizes an experimental music festival.

    Please note this is not related to freesound, I just thought it is closely related to the "dares spirit" so I'm posting it here.

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    Daring Freesounders

    Bebops ran this past me first and i said it was ok to post here.
    I enciurage you to try - it does seem very similar to the dares.

    Please beware submission format is AIFF only.
    If you get stuck ask for help, i am sure other daring Freesounders will be happy to convert your entry to AIFF format if your software does not support this format.

    Check the link for deadline and other details.

    If you use sounds from Freesound, feel free to post on this thread with a link to your submission.
    Do not upload submissions to Freesound if they are clearly musical.

    Thanks to bebops for sharing smile

    I want to believe.

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