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    My name is Marcus, 33, Leipzig, Germany.

    I am a musician, jazz piano player most of the time, until i realized, there is far more i could be, learn and play.

    So recently i got into electronic music, techno, minimal, sculpturing sounds. Also I do more studio work, recording other guys making their music. And a little bit teaching, at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater, Leipzig and at
    a musicschool named Neue Musik Leipzig, where the studio is located.

    Bands and projects at that time or important of former times are:
    TRIPOL (Heavy Jazz)
    RHEINSBERG (Electro-Acoustic)
    Julianes Wilde Bande (Jazz for younger people)
    Twicked (handmade electronic music)
    Brüder zur Sonne (synth pop)
    Brainwashed (fusion jazz)
    as part of Pegelia Gold (experimental jazz)

    My equipment (roughly):

    - MacBook Pro, 10.5
    - Ableton Live 8.2
    - Pacarana / Kyma Soundsystem
    - Sony PCM-D50
    - Sherman Filterbank II
    - Access Virus TI
    - JoMoX T-Resonator
    - JoMoX MBase 11
    - D.I.Y. 808 Kick & Snare
    - Fender Rhodes
    - Blüthner Grandpiano
    - monotron
    - Yamaha QY 70
    - Casio VL-1
    - 2x Stylophone

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    Jim, 31, Ottawa, Canada.

    I've loved music from an early age, and have had a deep voice since I was 6 (no joke). I love doing vocal work/voice-overs, but have no real training to speak of. I'm a software developer and work from home, and it's nice to be able to record samples for people as a "break" from work during the day or the evening.

    My equipment:
    RØDE NT1-A (Mic)
    Shure SM58 (Mic)
    M-Audio Fast Track II USB
    Audacity (although it's very limiting for VST's, so I'm looking to change to something else)
    Audio-Technica ATH-M50 Headphones (while recording)
    Microsoft LifeChat USB Headset (while mixing/editing--if it sounds good in these ghetto headphones, it sounds good everywhere)

    I love recording vocals for musicians who then mix it in to electronic tracks. It's really fun to hear the difference between the raw recordings, and the finished product. That's worth more than money to me, so I record for free. I'd love to get in to bigger projects (not just 2-3 track releases, but big EP's), but I'm not in a rush (just got started with recording a couple months ago).

    I love freesound--the database of sounds is incredibly impressive!

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    ray-17 so other than FemmeGermany, i could be the youngest person contributing to the dares.

    Background- i have no, absolutely not one drop of real musical knowledge, theory or anything like that.
    I started making "music" (or noise is a good way to put it) about three years ago. i have evolved my style from very harsh and hostile noise to hopefully something that is more melodic, or just plain listenable (i think its a real word), and some of my stuff has video game qualities, i'm kind of obsessed with nintendo. my music ti me is just a way of expression, and isn't necessarily made just for me, but it is... doesn't make any sense, just being cryptic.

    Equipment: Garageband, surprisingly this is my mainframe, idt thats the right word but its where i do the most of everything nowadays.
    Reaper: is what i would use as my sampler, for reversal, and time stretching... and there are some amazing effects that i found on this that can be used to create some incredible glitches if you jack them up just right.
    LMMS: my computer with linux/ubuntu is away, with my brother... but this was used in a lot of my older music, and is continually used for any type of synth that i create, and some of my beats.
    Hydrogen: simple drum machine
    Idrum: a better and more customizable drum machine i use this for when i am making beats with my own, or even some samples off of freesound
    and thats it... i need to get some good recording money, but my expensive hobby of keeping fancy goldfish is more important/ more consuming.

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    i usually have a lot of time to spare between school hours. i live wales, cardiff
    and im usually always up for a challenge so fire away grin

    p.s i'm still watching
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    This forum is so interesting - we all are interesting wink

    >50 yrs, my job is visual design, started on paper then digital: 2d/3d modeling & animation, video graphics & special fx, video editing, web design. Hobbies: photos and video.

    Some music studies, but playing it's only an hobby. I listen to any kind of music.

    bought a digital recorder, discovered Freesound, and started making mixes. Some trials with Freesound Radio but needed more freedom. Love field recording.

    played instruments: accordion - keyboard

    software: Audacity - Ableton Live - BandInABox - GarageBand - opensource vocoders
    Delay Lama - MAMplayer midi visualizer / apps: GyroSynth - Air Pipes - Air Harp

    hardware: pc & mac - cheap audio devices

    a big thanks to the staff of Freesound and to all generous Freesounders! grin

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    Started out trying to immitate backwards guitar after hearing Beatles when I was in gradeschool, took apart my mom's reel-to-reel put it back together and had parts left over, but it still worked.
    Now 50 or so, disabled, post IT career. Into doing sound on the cheap, hence my lo-fi tool of choice, the Olympus WS321-m voice recorder, and a whole lot of free VST's.

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    Hi there,

    I'm very happy to contribute (as much as I can) to The Freesound Project, this awesome and unique sound sharing initiative!!

    To make it short :

    - 45 years old, born & settled in France

    - professional musician (composer, arranger, performer, educationist…) since 1995

    - involved into various musical projects (drummer, percussionist, singer, electronic devices jammer…)

    - created soundtracks (mostly for theater, adverts…) ; made some arrangements / covers for several great artists (Ramiro Musotto, Georgina Taylor, Zahn der Zeit, Andrei Love-Markov…)

    - conceived and led many musical workshops into schools, social centers, jails…


    - Field-recording equipment: Zoom H2 + Soundman OKM II stereo microphone.

    - Mobile production equipment: Apple MBP 13", Apogee Duet, Adam A3X, Audio-Technica ATH-M40fs, Faderfox LV2 / LC2 / LX2.

    - Favorite softwares: Ableton Live, Metasynth, Audacity…

    Just set the sounds free!!



    PS : Do you really want to listen to this?

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    Im from holland , recently got a new PC with Cubase LE6 and im learning and try too make music with it
    i found this site because i was in search for wave samples too use in my currect project too fill up the emptyness .

    From what i see here this is a cool site so thanks before hand for your sounds i maybe will use .


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    I live in Colorado, home of the mountains. I like to create synth/bass/misc sounds and derive that towards making music. My current hobbies are to record sounds, edit them, make electronic music, study mathematics, read Sherlock Holmes and Edgar Allan Poe books, Play games, games like Crysis, GTA IV, V, Battlefield 2, BC 2, BF3, the entire Halo series and fallout series. I dropped out of high school in 10th grade because I was a serious pot head and drug user. I had a horrible impression from friends and people around me and took a dark path, but now I am clean person, and prefer it that way. I got my GED and now have a steady paying job.
    I use a wide variety of programs to create sounds. My DAW of choice is Fruity Loops as its simplicity is so much more straight forward than other DAW's that are just completely confusing.

    Programs/vst's - TalDub series, Mda series, Audacity 1.3 Beta (Unicode), GoldWave v5.58, Kontakt and Zero-X BeatCreator.
    And a whole lotta other vst's.

    I found some how, don't remember how haha. But when I did find,I found it to be a perfect source for sharing my sounds and finding new ones. That sums me up wink

    Check me out on youtube for more music and sounds.
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    Thank you to the recent Freesounders who have introduced yourselves. Specially to Erokia who shared some personal stuff. - Great you have put that past behind you and that you find in Freesound a both a source of inspiration and a channel for your own creative flows smile


    I want to believe.
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    I'm Jordan and I make music.

    Check it out:

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    Interested in music since 6 years old. First started sequencing on the Amiga 500 using trackers, later used Cubase 1.0 on the Atari 1040ST. On the ST produced some records using gear such as the Emulator III XP and some retro synthesizers in the 90's. Mixing back then on a Mackie analog 8 bus console (the 24/cool Now I am mostly into sound design and mastering/mixing. One production I had the liberty to mix it on a Solid State Logic Console 4000G+ 60 channel (SSL). Would love to touch that board again.


    Synths (Highlights)
    - Roland JD800,
    - Roland Juno 106
    - Korg Prophecy
    - Yamaha TX81Z

    Mixing/Recording (used mostly)
    - API 1608 32 channel mixer fully loaded.
    - Lynx Aurora 16-VT x 2 for D/A.
    - RME Fireface 800 for secondary D/A.
    - Custom build 32 Channel summing mixer with Neumann v475 vintage preamp.
    - Mics: Rode NTK, Rode NT2 Legend, Neumann U87 Ai
    - Vertigo VSC-2 Quad Discrete VCA Compressor
    - TubeTech SMC 2BM Multiband Mastering Opto Compressor

    Monitoring (used mostly)
    - AKG 271 Closed Circum Aural headphones
    - Midfield: Main Monitors Grimm Audio LS1
    - Nearfield: Mackie HR824 classic (pair)
    - Nearfield: M-Audio (digidesign) DSM-2 (pair)
    - Nearfield: Yamaha NS1 classics
    - VRM Box focusright for mobile headphone monitoring (laptop on the go)

    DAW Software (used mostly)
    - Reaper
    - Adobe Audition
    - Logic Pro (only for acoustical instrument and vocal recordings)

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    Hi "Freesounders", My name is Bill, but my site is Burnin Vernon. I'm trying to enter my first dare but haven't got it right yet. It was recommended that I do a bio. So here'e the nitty gritty.
    57 years old (in three weeks) songwriter, guitarist, keyboard player, bassist, working at remix producer. As for equipment, I use an old HP pavillion computer with audacity for my mixdowns, I also have a Zoom MRS-8 digital recorder. Ibanez and Johnson guitars and Yamaha PSR -85 keyboards. Everything is old and beat up but still functional (like me). I really just got started with this freesound stuff but I find it enjoyable and good practice for improving production skills .I'm also a graphic artist right now working on various monsters and fantasy/horror creatures

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    I am looking for a partner for the first co-lab dare.

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    Might as well...

    Sandy, old-ish, professional record producer and self-confessed audio addict. Starting working in studios in 1981. Loved sound / music / recording for as long as I can remember. Play most instruments (badly), but *vastly* prefer composing and arranging to performing.

    Equipment: Large recording studio. We have some nice toys. smile

    Software: Loads of different stuff (I personally like Pro Tools and Cool Edit Pro).

    Interests: Capturing all kinds of diverse, weird, interesting sounds and making them available on Freesound. Actually, this is what me and the lads at the studio tend to do when we're bored, hence the glass smashes, fart noises, snare drums (a personal obsession for me), CD players opening and so on. If you can hear it, we're interested in recording it.

    Plans: Grab myself a Marantz PMD661 MkII and get more field recordings.

    That about sums me/us up. smile


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    Welcome and thanks for introducing yourself. - although you already are a 'veteran' of Freesound

    Large recordng studio woot .... Yes, I bet you have some really nice toys!

    I want to believe.
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    Pleased to meet the community,
    my name is Sydney Sitters de Castañe, male, 42 born in Spain and currently living in the Netherlands. I am a professional musician (pianist) and painter. I became interested in using DAW's and electronic sounddesing 3 years ago due to an iphone that I was given as a present. The development of more and more music apps drew me even closer to sequencing and different compositional techniques. I went from my piano to garageband and am using Ableton now. Looking foreward to meet you... What I specially like about Freesound is the fact that it is for sound/samples only, a different way of creativity and sharing. Looking foreward to meet you...!

    yours truly...
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    sonidor wrote:
    Pleased to meet the community,
    my name is Sydney Sitters de Castañe, male, 42 born in Spain and currently living in the Netherlands. Looking foreward to meet you...!

    Welcome here on freesound and welcome in Holland wink

    To hear, you first have to listen
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    thanks klankbeeld!

    yours truly...
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    thanks klankbeeld!

    yours truly...