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    FTP Applet - problems uploading

    FTP applet page has a huge busted link on it and I can't proceed with an upload. A pity, as I had a few new additions to make

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    I am unable to upload as well

    "Applet not found"


    It worked eventually.

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    Applet works for me though on my Firefox/OSX 10.6 system the window that the applet is painted in should be made a little wider. I've lost 2-3 characters width on either side. (I'm on a 1920px wide window).

    I wonder if it is a security setting for you? When I access the applet it always tells me it is trying to access my computer and asks for my permission.



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    CGEffex got the right answer.
    For mac there is also CyberDuck which has a slightly more mac-ish way of going about things.

    - Bram

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    Hi Bram,
    I have my students uploading their freesounds this week. Is it the applet itself that's causing this error message when you go to describe the file? I've had it happen to a few students and myself, using the applet (I'm trying to not have to have them download additional software if necessary)

    (this file might be broken, please upload it again...)


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