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    uploading files with a website form, instant description

    hello, i really like the freesound idea, downloaded some and wanted to upload some of mine. but i need an ftp program to do that. i dont use ftp, and dont want an extra program just to be able to upload a file. it could be made much more accessible with a webform, like you have it on web email pages.
    attachment = wavefile and text field is description.
    so the easier the upload process is, the more files will you get

    greetings mm
    and keep it going

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    hello madmicheal,
    I'm no expert, but web forms are not that convenient, for example you often can upload just one file at a time. FTP it's VERY easy (really) an allows uploading batches, no matter how large.
    Com'on dude, you can try something new! For example, give Filezilla a try :


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    and you could use the ftp applet here on the website. it works quite nicely!

    - bram

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