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    License Questions

    I'm a bit confused by the wording of the license:

    # To sample, mash-up, or otherwise creatively transform this work for commercial or noncommercial purposes.
    # To perform, display, and distribute copies of this whole work for noncommercial purposes (e.g., file-sharing or noncommercial webcasting).

    The first line seems to suggest I can use it for commercial purposes but the second line seems to suggest otherwise? I would like to use some of the samples in small commercial games. Is that allowed by this license?

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    as long as the sample is an "insignificant part" of your work it's OK.
    as this license hasn't been validated yet in court, you're free to think what "insignificant" means in this case...

    in the case of Sampling+ the legal code is somewhat more enlighting than the "summary"

    - bram

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