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    Safari Preview Problems:(

    SUP! I've been having a problem previewing sounds because for some reason, whenever I use safari, and cant playback the sounds before i dounload them. It's frustrating because the only way to hear how the sound sounds like, i have to dounload it. Then if I don't like it, I have to trash it and try to find something else. It is strange because i rarely use google chrome, and it works just fine. Is there something like a pop-up blocker or something that is preventing me from previewing the sounds? THANKS! You can also find me at I make short tutorials and stuff for filmakers and sound peoplesmile

    GOD BLESS!!-Twister of B.C.P.

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    I had that same problem for internet when I first joined but it subside later on I hope u are not having any more problems.

    Cheers, Cameron

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