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    Hey Freesound team...

    I have a suggestion for this site. I was thinking about expanding/elaborating on user profiles. I believe they can be a little better, for example by giving us customisation options, like which order our sounds appear on our profile.

    I will update this thread with more suggestions on profile stuff, in the mean time does anyone else have anything to add on the matter?

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    Don't read too deeply into this. I think on the internet there is positive
    criticism, negative criticism, and then there is the general lack of anything
    constructive. I am referring to social websites. There are now who knows
    how many social websites. Too many, possibly. I read a lot of what is
    written in blogs and comments on the top five or six websites, and what
    I see or hear, especially hear, is a lot of self-upgrading comments, based
    on a user's name-dropping of persons or groups that are supposedly
    outstanding. I never understand why the parties mentioned are outstanding.
    Then there are the constant rants, and 90% of the rants are downgrading.

    What people contribute here in their samples, and the quality of those
    samples. How unique they are, how popular the sounds are. Those
    ratings and reviews should be adequate.

    Bottom line: Let's don't turn Freesound into another social website.
    I don't think that will make it better. All I am saying is your suggestion
    seems to be moving in that direction. As much as I like "the music
    channel", I see how it's just become another portal for spam, and
    an easy way to take advantage of what is really a very open site
    with lots of things WE can do without infringement and other elements
    that use it up, if you catch my meaning.


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    Thanks for your input, I understand fully what you are saying.

    I really don't want this site to take that direction you highlighted, since I've been satisfied with the way it has been even pre v2 upgrade. But its clear to me there are certain ways in which the experience could be enhanced, in terms of representation of us users within our profile.

    I thought it would be useful to have monir upgrades, like my ordering suggestion, just so I can choose which order i would like my sounds to appear when people enter my public profile. This is just one small example of what can be done, obviously there are a few other minor tweaks that could be implemented.

    I believe this site still has a lot of potential, with a few minor tweaks as suggested here and there, it will reach it.

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