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    When I try to download a file, the download meter stays at 0% for all eternity. Even the previews don't play, they lag like crazy. They didn't used to.

    I just want some sounds for my flash games :> EDIT: Wow I haven't signed in in 3 years, and it seems I missed a bunch of people contacting me about permission in that time. Well, it's kind of late, but anyone can use whatever they want however they choose.
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    Everyone knows Right Click -"Save Target As....." - right it has been discussed before.

    Make sure your Quicktime is updated and if you use Firefox or Safari or anything like that I would make sure you didn't install things like No script or Firebug too many extensions is bad.... but cool.... You can tab in windows without a mouse, make sure your pc 'or mac' isnt doing illegal things (*cough... Like I don't know torrents, s_ulseek, p2p clients. smile - at too high of a speed. This makes it slow that's all about that then - Save Link As is also what it will say, but if you keep clicking on the sample and opening a new page you cant right click. So you go to file and Save Page As which Ironically is a file....not a page. people have said these things before If i can remember..... Hmmm..... It's just a link away -