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    spam on PM

    dear moderators, it looks that we are receiving spam on PM. details:

    from: sweetbaby300

    message type:

    "Hey Dear, I will be very glad to read your mail, please do honor my invitation enable me introduce my self to you and send my pictures to you.
    Thanks.Miss Favour. ( )"

    please check it, and remove this post after. - independent research on sound and consciousness - best sounds for extraordinary inner experiences
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    Same here.

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    grrrrrr. stupid spammers!

    deleting user!

    - bram

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    dear moderators, it looks that we are receiving spam on PM. details:

    from: blessing100

    Greetings To You
    My name is blessing I gone through your
    profile and it is quite interesting
    to me, so you can contact me with my
    private email Here (
    I will give you my pictures from there and
    tell you more about myself. so write me with
    From blessing

    bram, she is all yours wink

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    and an other PM SPAMMER;

    the PM message:

    ...Hello Dear,

    Kindly permit me to write you my ordeal and such seek your assiststance.
    I am Mrs. Angelina Nya from Ukraine but presently in the hospital for my operation. I married to late Mr. Dickson Nya Desmond, who was the ambassador of Ukraine in Ivory Coast.

    We were posted to Ivory Coast for 12yrs mission in Ivory Coast, but it was unfortunate that my late husband passed away without returning back to our country alive. Due to I have engaged myself in the work of the lord in this country; I decided to return back to continue the fellowship of the lord by helping the charities organization, basically the poor.

    I have a donation to make which I will need your assistance to carry it out for me, I will be 69 years old this coming October 17, a widow and a servant of the Lord for the past 38 years in Ivory Coast, Africa.

    I inherited some money ($12.3 million) from my late husband; I want to give it out to Orphanage and Charity Organizations as a vow, which I made before the Lord.
    I have a lung and breast cancer and will be going for my third operation next two weeks, though the doctor have already confirmed that I will only last for some months but I am happy and glad that the Lord has kept me safe and guided me to accomplish my mission on earth. I will be happy to meet Him where He wants me to be.
    This is the favour I need when you have gotten the money: -
    Give 70% of the money to Charity organizations, orphanage homes and Churches on my name so that my soul may rest in peace.
    The remaining 30% should be for you and others that you would love to assist. Reply to my private mail as follow for more information// add me ( )
    May God bless you and use you to accomplish my wish.

    Pray for me always.
    Yours faithfully,
    Mrs. Angeline Nya.

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    I got messages from both these users >:{}

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    I received one message from blessing100 but apparently it had been deleted by bram by the time I got around to checking it out.

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    I hate spammers

    I am the thing that goes bump in the night...

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    PM spam by is the address contained in the message in case some masked spam avenger might want to give payback wink

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    And here is yet another spammer I believe should be deleted from FS:

    User: babygirl200 (
    Soliciting e-mail:

    Message contents:

    How is everything with you, I picked interest on you after going through your short profile 0n internet .I really want to have a good friendship with you. Beside i have something very vital to disclose to you, but I found it difficult to express myself in this site, since it's a public site. Please i will like you to contact me, through my private e-mail via: ( ) So we can get to know each other better,and i well give you my pictures and also tell you more Angela.

    Other giveaways: No sounds downloaded since account was opened over 3 days ago.

    Moderators/administrator may check into my PM to verify my claim. Maybe there should be a rule that an account must download a sound before (s)he can send PMs?

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