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    loves some uploads, does not love others

    Hi there:

    I've downloaded from freesound for some time, but lately have become a contributor, too. I've been successful in uploading 10 files thus far. It's fun and easy.

    Yet a smallish number of uploads just don't seem to "take". They're all short wave files, a few to 8 seconds, not that much to digest. Yet the ftp process seems to either not begin them or to stop in the middle. The process may time out.

    I cannot see a "theme" for what files the system accepts and what files the system does not love.

    Anyone got any pointers for me?

    Thanks. Robert, who records as gurdonark

    Robert who records as gurdonark
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    pls send me one of those files... smile

    freesound at iua dot upf dot edu

    - bram

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    Just off the top of my head, I'd reccomend that you try a dedicated FTP client instead of the FTP applet if that's what you are using. Search around, there are some good reccomendations here depending on your platform.

    This does appear to be an uploading problem, right? As in the FTP client gives you some error and the files don't show up in the Freesound description area.

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