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    Recording Chain

    I like to see what people are using to capture the samples they upload. I also think it's educational for new-users to hear the results of different preamps, mics, recorders etc.

    It would probably encourage more people to include this information if we could save several (at least 2?) recording setups and paste this into the description automatically.


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    Here's what I have (and use):


    1) SonyMD MZ-N707

    2) Home computer with Creative Labs Extigy USB soundcard

    3) Dell Inspiron notebook with Creative Labs Audigy 2Zs soundcard.

    Mackie 1202
    Mackie 1404

    SM58, RE50, EV635, Sennheiser ME66, AKG condensor and several cheap microphones that try to be as good, and some that don't even try. I've even recorded with pair of headphones.

    Most of the time I will record the ECM-99 to my minidisk - it's the easiest to setup and start recording quickly.

    Neither the MD nor the sound cards have balanced inputs - and I hope to get a balanced USB input one of these days. (the minidisk has a great preamp though)

    For mono recording, I can hook a dynamic microphone directly to my minidisc with good results.

    For stereo - I'll either use my Sony ECM-99 stereo microphone, or I'll use a splitter and some adaptors to hook up two dynamic microphones.

    For more than 2 microphones, I'll hook up my Mackie mixer to the laptop or minidisk.

    In noisy or acoustically live locations I'll use either an SM58 or a Sennheiser ME66. The 58 for strong sounds or voices close up, and the ME66 for weaker sounds or sources that are further away.

    In quieter locations or for ambient sounds I'll use the RE50 or EV635. If I need to go handheld, I'll use the RE50.

    For things I can bring into a sound booth, I'll use an AKG condenser microphone.

    Hope that helps.

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    i just usually have one setup:

    Sony ECM-DS70P Mic to a
    Sony minidisc MZ-N710 acting as a preamp into my
    Edirol UA-25 audio interface

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    My simple and inexpensive set up:
    Rode NTG-2 shotgun mic -> Zoom H4 recorder -> edited with Spark XL.
    Alternately I have used the onboad H4 mics too.

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    Here's my simplest setup for grabbing audio.

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    I totally agree Digifish! I strive to put all signal path information on each sample and include bit-rate information if documented. I find it to be an important way to hear the results of a given setup. (Even if perhaps the sound isn't exactly showing off the best part of the setup, it doesn't matter. It's experimentation that counts)

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    Microphones: AKG414s, RS PZMs, R0DE NT4, Behringer Bs,Cs,ECM8000s
    Configurations: Jecklin OSS, XY, Mid-Side, AB, Blumlein, Mixed Multitrack (once a year maybe: Mono)

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    My current preferred recording system:
    Canon GL-2 Internal microphone recording directly to Final Cut Pro, connected via FireWire.

    My past recording systems:
    Various degrees of shitty headset and internal shit microphones connected with line-in to a PC running Audacity. Did I mention these microphones were shit?

    What I actually want:
    1) Small, portable recording unit with built-in mics and easy hookup to microphone- internal preamp would be nice. Seems like a lot of people have this but have to run the line through a minidisc player, etc. The Edirol R-09 looks nice.

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