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    Moving sounds to mobile phones

    Hi, ´when trying to move sounds to play on my mobile phone (Nokia), I get an error on the phone saying that the file has been damaged. I´ve tried on different phones and we all get the same error. Any clue ? :?:

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    Don't you need the file in a format the phone can read? Like for my Sony Ksomething or other I needed to convert the sounds to .amr format?

    So maybe finding out the capability of the phone is a first start - not all phones can play mp3, and even those that can play mp3 don't necessarily play mp3 as ringtones...

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    try "dbpoweramp" to convert the file to wave file, 44.1khz, 16 bit, stereo...

    it's probably in a format that your phone can't handle...


    - bram

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