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    about single drum hits and outragously huge sample packs...

    A lot of them take up two or three pages, making it hard to find what you actually want. Why not compress entire packs into single pages so they don't take up so much room? Okay, because otherwise people wouldn't know what they're missing. Maybe a search option "search sample packs" or "show all samples in packs/show packs as one file in search"?

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    Nice idea, I like it. You'll have to talk to bram about implementation...

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    ... and an option to make an additional verbose description of a sample pack with all the details of conception and use. E.g. of a sampled pitched instrument. But there must be many more situations where it can be a valuable source of extra info.

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    Another way would be to add explorer style arrows besides the pack post to hide / show the pack instantly.

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